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National Day of Relaxation with Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley


Infographic of ways to relax on national relaxation dayAugust 15th is National Relaxation Day! Who knew? Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley is here to give you a few ideas of ways you can celebrate a day full of relaxation!

Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs come in all sizes and scents! Buy a new scent for this wonderful day or use one you have been saving for a special occasion. A few quiet minutes alone in the bath can go a long way.

Take a Walk

Getting outside is so nice! Enjoy some time alone (or with a friend as long as its relaxing!). Walking in the fresh air is a great way to be active while still relaxing. Just a short walk can get your positive vibes and blood flowing.


Dip those toes into a nice foot bath. Whether you go into a local salon or create a makeshift one at home, a pedicure can relax and ground you. Add on some bright colored nail polish and voila! Relaxation at its finest!

Watch a Movie

Do you have a favorite movie? Is there a movie in theaters you have been dying to see? Here is your chance. Take some time,  choose a movie, dim the lights, and pop the popcorn! This is your day!

Hire a Cleaner

What is worse than trying to relax and realizing your home is a disaster? Find a local cleaner and let them freshen up your home for you. As for your carpets, here at Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley we love providing a variety of services to get your home cleaner in a timely manner. Let us do the carpet cleaning while you relax.