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Making Summer Chores Fun For Kids

FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2019

Having children can be extremely rewarding. Your kids are the smartest, the kindest, and most definitely, the cutest kids to ever walk this Earth. Unfortunately, raising children and keeping a clean house is not always rainbows and butterflies. There are challenges. Every room that you clean is just another room for your kids to destroy. The key is to let your children clean with you so they can begin to recognize the reward of a clean home. It may seem even more daunting to allow your children to help clean then it is to let them frolic about freely in your home. Do not fret! There are many fun ways to let children play and keep a clean house at the same time. 

soapy bucket of water with floating rubber duckies

One brilliant idea to start with, is mop skating. Its summer in Hudson which means it is hot outside. Sometimes it's nice to stay indoors, but kids can get hot and restless. One way to cool down and get your home clean is making your kids into the mop. Do you have tile floors? Perfect! Get a few rags (larger rags for older kids, and small rags for younger kids), a small bucket of soapy water, and loose rubber bands. Wrap your child’s feet with rags and keep the rag in place with a rubber band or a chip bag clip. Let them carefully step into the container/bucket of soapy water then skate around on your tile floors freely. It is generally a good idea to put the soapy water away after the floor gets a little wet. Kids will cool down, enjoy the adventure, and you get a clean floor!