What is Carbonated Carpet Cleaning in NH?

Over the years, our carpets and rugs see a lot of tread. As time passes, you can almost see the lanes of traffic starting to appear on the carpet. It’s an inevitability of life that carpets and rugs absorb the dirt and odors of the feet and animals that walk on them. Chances are your rugs and carpets have experienced spills that leave stains. When it comes to carpet cleaning in NH, most people jump for the steam cleaners. However, Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley has an alternative for you. Their cleaner, The Natural, uses carbonated cleaning bubbles to make your carpets as good as new and smelling fresh. Here’s how.


You’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale of using club soda to get the stain out of clothes? Well, it isn’t just an old wives tale. Carbonation helps break down stains. Chem-Dry harnessed this power and applied it to their cleaning methods. The carbonation sinks into the lowest part of the carpet, and as the bubbles burst, the dirt and grime are forced from where they’ve settled.


The Natural is green and long-lasting. When you use shampoos and soaps to clean your carpet, the residue left behind can actually attract more dirt over time. Because of the carbonation, there’s no leftover residue, and so your carpet won’t draw more dirt than average. Thus, the carbonation not only cleans faster but keeps your carpet cleaner longer.

No Reappearing Stains

It always seems to happen. You steam-cleaned your carpet, and only a few days later you find the stains are already forming in the same place. This is because the stain may not have been entirely removed in the first place. With steam cleaners, stains can be pushed further down into the carpet because of the moisture. Thanks to The Natural’s carbonation that won’t happen.

No Steam Cleaning

There are several problems with your run of the mill steam carpet cleaning in NH. For one, there’s a high pH level that comes with cleaning solutions. The excess water and moisture can actually just move the dirt from one area of your carpet to another. Because of the high water quantity and large amounts of cleaning solution, it takes much longer for your carpet to dry than The Natural way.
Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley’s carbonated cleaner should be your preferred method of carpet cleaning in NH. With no chemicals and no water, it’s quick and easy to get the dirt and stains from your carpets and rugs. Contact Chem-Dry today or visit them online!