Top Three Enemies of Your Carpet

David vs. Goliath. Rocky vs. Apollo. Girl World vs. Regina George. Everybody and everything faces a natural enemy in this dog eat dog world we live in. Snakes are the enemies of rats. Mice are the enemies of cheese. Industrialization is the enemy of Mother Nature. With all of these antagonistic relationships, you may not think of the enemies to your carpet very often. Everyday factors like foot traffic and dog hair are enough to muddy your rug and send you running for carpet cleaners in Nashua NH. Here are the top five rivals to a clean carpet:


Dogs are just big ole doofuses, aren’t they? Nobody would ever consider a dog an enemy because they’re energy is contagious. No matter how you’re feeling, your dog is down to party. However, when they take that party to the yard, they attract dirt and grass and bugs. When they track these materials back into the house, your rug pays the price. If your dog lays on your carpet, especially if they’re a shaggy dog, you should consider renting carpet cleaners in Nashua NH.


Cats are always cleaning themselves. How can they be an enemy to your carpet? It’s a good thing you asked. It’s true that cats are always grooming themselves. They do so to keep excess fur and dirt from matting together on their bodies. As they do this, that fur sheds into your carpet. Plus, cats are a naturally curious creature. Every cat owner has returned home to a houseplant tipped over. Cats love to knock things over which directly affects the beauty of your carpet.


If the news hadn’t told you recently, humans are the absolute worst. Our carpets would agree. The majority of any dirt on a carpet comes from human traffic. Dragging our feet across them in dirty shoes, spilling snacks during a commercial break, and almost anything we do can make our carpets filthy. Luckily, we’re also their saviors. We can rent a carpet cleaner to bring them back to life.

When common factors are getting your rug looking shabby, invest in a carpet cleaner. They are a surefire way to bring your carpet back from the dead. Although you are your carpets biggest enemy, you can still be the hero they want and deserve For carpet cleaners in Nashua NH, contact Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley or visit them online.