The Trick to Wool Carpet Cleaning in MA

As everybody knows, carpet cleaning in MA can be tough work. Since they see so much foot traffic and pet traffic, carpets and rugs build up dirt and grime quickly. Whether it’s the winter snow sticking to your shoes and seeping into the carpet, the soda you spilled dodging children’s toys, or your dog’s love of mud, there comes a time you can’t avoid cleaning any longer. Different carpet materials need to be treated differently. Wool is especially sensitive. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your wool carpets clean.


Vacuuming may sound obvious, but it’s true. The best way to maintain a wool carpets luster is to keep on top of vacuuming. If the dirt doesn’t have time to settle into the wool fibers, it won’t look as dingy as quickly. Depending on the makeup of your wool carpet, a specific type of vacuum may be required. For cut pile wool carpets, a beater brush vacuum is fine. For loop pile wool carpets, a suction only vacuum is your best bet.

Know Your Home

The best way to prevent your wool carpet from getting dirty is to know your home. Place doormats at the base of your main entrances. Absorbent mats especially help to keep the dirt and grime from making it to your carpet. Another essential part of preventing carpet damage is to know the flow of traffic in your home. By regularly cleaning the heavy tread areas, you can prevent stains and dirt buildup.

No Silicone

Many people believe that stain repellent is a smart move for carpet. However, you need to check what kind of stain repellant you’re using. Many stain repellent treatments contain silicone. This can lead to your carpet soiling at accelerated rates. Especially when it comes to wool carpet cleaning in MA, you need to be careful with your products. Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley has a line of products, especially for wool carpets.

Carpet Protectant

Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley has their own Chem-Dry Wool Protectant to keep stains and dirt from damaging your carpet. This product was made with wool carpets in mind, so you know it won’t harm the rug.
Wool carpet cleaning in MA is no joke. You need to be aware of your home and the products you use to keep your wool carpet from soiling. When it gets to the point you can’t avoid carpet cleaning any longer, go to Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley. They have natural products and Wool Soft products to get your carpet looking brand new again. Contact them today or visit them online.