Special Care for Area Rugs

Area rugs require different care than the carpet in your home. These rugs can be made of a variety of materials and dyes, all of which need specialized care. Read on to learn how to care for your rugs.
All your area rugs can use the same primary care. Vacuum the rugs regularly and brush them to get rid of any pet hair or dander. If the rug is small, shake it out outside so small dust and dirt particles are tossed away. For more in-depth cleaning, you’ll want to test all methods in a small spot before caring for the whole rug, so that you can be sure the cleaning method is safe.

Braided Rugs

These rugs should be professionally cleaned. Using a washing machine, even on gentle cycle, may cause damage to braid material, braid stitching, or dye colors. Check the manufacturer’s tag for recommended cleaning but closely examine for physical damage and color bleeding.

Natural Fiber Rugs

If the tag says Made of Cotton, Silk or Sisal, a professional cleaner is recommended as these fibers will darken or distort when cleaned by water based products with a pH higher than 5.5 and/or agitation by a machine

Rear Fur Rugs

Rugs that are made of genuine fur or skins should be gently vacuumed to remove soil particles. They should be cleaned with a pH cleaner of 5.5 and low moisture process and then an anti-browning treatment done.
Oriental/Antique Rugs
These are the rugs that are most delicate, whether because of their design or their age. It is highly recommended that you leave cleaning these rugs to a professional service. There is a high risk of the rug being destroyed if you attempt to clean it on your own.

Area rugs should be cleaned annually. If you are unsure that you can clean the rug thoroughly without harming it, then it’s time to call a professional. At Chem-Dry Merrimack Valley, we know how to clean all types of area rugs without causing any stress or fading on the fibers. We can also deep clean your carpet at the same time—schedule your cleaning today!