Some simple strategies to keep your carpet lasting longer

Carpet cleaning in MA from ChemDry

Carpet cleaning in MA from ChemDryYour carpeting is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. It is critical to maintain it and keep it looking as fresh and as new as possible. Regular maintenance, having your carpet cleaning specialists in a few time a year, and some simple care taking strategies will protect that investment for years to come.

  • The first thing you should never do to your carpeting is scrub it. Your carpet fibers have been twisted and then solidified with heat. By continuous hard scrubbing, you will cause what is known as “blooming”. This unlocks the fibers and causes them to unravel. Be a blotter, not a scrubber.
  • A second no-no with regard to your carpet is using anything but specified carpet cleaner on any stains and soiling. Only carpet cleaner will do or a heavily diluted dish water detergent with warm water. Also, never wear your shoes in the house. They just track in dirt and bacteria that becomes imbedded. In addition, discourage your family member from walking around barefoot. The oil from your soles will attach itself to the fibers which, in turn, will suck dirt to it like a magnet.
  • Two other things that will quickly erode and eventually destroy your carpeting is direct sunlight the tendency to drag your furniture around. If you are arranging your furniture into a different pattern, lift the furniture and carry it. Never drag it across the carpeting. It can destroy the fibers and cause waves and ripples. Direct sunlight will cause the color to fade much faster than if your carpet was less exposed. Protect it by simply closing the curtains or blinds during the time of day when a particular carpeted room is exposed to fierce and direct sunlight.