Holiday House Prep

Anybody can tell you how all the best holidays come at the end of the year. Sure, Valentine’s Day, April Fools Day, and Easter all have their good times. Still, few holidays can compete with the likes of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pretty much anything that happens in December. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve are all reasons to celebrate en masse. When you’re hosting the festivities, you know how important a clean house is. Get on top of your dusting an area rug cleaning this holiday season by following these tips!


The kitchen is where you’ll be feeding your guests. There are three areas of your kitchen that you’ll want looking fresh and clean: your refrigerator, your sink, and your trash. Take the time and TLC you need for your fridge. Read expiration dates, smell the questionable leftovers, and toss out anything that takes up space and you won’t eat. This will give you plenty of room for leftovers. Also, make sure your sink is wiped down and dry after the dishes are clean and the garbage is taken out so you won’t attract bugs.


The next step to a clean home is the bathroom. You should put your focus on the toilet, sink, and walls of your bathroom. Assuming none of your guests are staying the duration of the holidays at your house, the probably won’t be showering, and you can postpone that for a rainy day. Make sure you’ve cleaned and sanitized the bowl and lid of your toilet. Your sink should be rinsed out and scrubbed to shine. Meanwhile, you should take some cleaner to your walls to remove and prevent any mold.


Nobody ever wants to host a holiday in their bedroom. It just doesn’t make sense. Still, you never know when your bedroom will be used as the coat room for the night. Make your bed is made, and your shelves are dusted. If you have a carpet or rug, take the time to invest in a carpet or area rug cleaning.

Living Room

More than likely, a lot of your night will be held in the living room. After all, it has ‘living’ right in the title. The television and couches are set up specifically for social interaction. This room will need the most work. Make sure to thoroughly vacuum and rent a carpet cleaner for area rug cleaning in your home.

Holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing. Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinner, and all the hoopla of the December holidays make the whole year worthwhile. Just because you should relax, doesn’t mean your house should look messy. Get on top of chores and area rug cleaning earlier rather than later. Contact Chem-Dry for carpet cleaner rental near you or visit them online.