Drapes to tile, we clean it all.

Drapery cleaning from Chem-DryWhen cleaning your home, do you really know that it is clean? Sure, it may look clean, but if you’ve ever vacuumed your carpets and thought it was ’clean’, only to have a professional carpet cleaning company come in, actually clean it, and show you the disgustingly dirty water!

Chem-Dry of Merrimack Valley, the area’s leading professional cleaning service, cleans carpet and more! We do everything from drapery cleaning to tile cleaning, including carpet and upholstery. Chem-Dry is an industry leader, as all of our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and rated green by the FDA. Our cleaners are oxidized so that they gently scrub the dirt right out of your draperies, leaving them clean and fresh smelling. There is no mess, as we use minimal water in our patented process. We offer the same service for carpeting as well. We do not use a traditional soak and suck method, but our specially designed machinery using our patented cleaning agents.

Chem-Dry cleans over 1 billion square feet of carpeting annually! We are, without a doubt, the busiest carpet cleaning company in the nation! Why is our service so desired? The answer is quite simple. First off, we clean your carpeting, drapery, upholstery, tile and stone naturally. Our system uses a fraction of the amount of water that a traditional steam cleaner uses, thus, your carpeting and drapery cleaning dries faster, with less chance of mold or mildew growth. Second, we provide prompt and professional service. Our technicians will gladly share their knowledge with you, giving you pointers as to how to keep your carpeting, upholstery and draperies cleaner, longer. Third, our services are known for great quality at reasonable prices. We have held onto our core values for over three decades, building a great customer base in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

We invite you to give us a try, as we are sure you will be glad you did. No matter what surface you need to have cleaned, whether it is drapery cleaning or carpet cleaning in your home or business, we can manage it. Give us a call at 603-882-8802