Are staining and soiling really different?

Carpet cleaning from ChemDry Merrimack Valley
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Carpet cleaning from ChemDry Merrimack ValleyMost people think that the soiling of a carpet and the staining of a carpet are pretty much the same thing. Not so, however. Even your manufacturer’s manual will inform you of the distinct differences as will your carpet cleaning specialist.

  • A stain happens when something makes contact with your carpet and leaves a stain by embedding and attaching itself to the actual fibers of a carpet or rug. There are empty spots in the carpet fibers that did not get dyed when originally manufactured. It is to these empty spots of fiber that the substance attaches itself causing the discoloration.
  • You need to get to the stain immediately. Blot the stain with a cloth or paper towel. After you have gathered everything up, you still need to treat it with a strong stain remover. If you have none handy, a tiny amount of dishwashing soap and warm water will do the trick. Always have your carpet cleaning professionals come in regularly to professionally remove stains and to do a thorough cleaning.
  • Soiling happens when an oily substance or sticky form of residue gets on the carpet, these things, in turn, will attract and hold dirt particles onto the fibers. It is possible to drop an oily substance onto the carpet and have it become embedded but the likely culprit is the oil from bare human feet. It gets embedded rather quickly especially if everyone in the household is used to walking around without slippers or socks.
  • Any cleaning solution you use must be rinsed out completely or it will only continue to attract soiling. Asking everyone to wear slippers or socks will also help eliminate the possibility of oily buildup.
  • Such things as staining and soiling will happen even in the most careful of homes. Life is hectic and unpredictable. Even if you constantly vacuum and tend to your immediate soils and stains, you need to call in your carpet cleaning professionals at least a few times a year to give you that protective edge and to ensure a long life for that carpeting.